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Paid Ads Marketing (PPC) Chandigarh

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Paid Ads Marketing (PPC) Chandigarh

Paid Ads marketing (PPC) in Chandigarh has become a key part of Digital Marketing. A brand must rise above the rest in order to be seen in a digital environment of intense competition. The paid marketing or PPC advertising service can be a great way to reach large numbers of customers.

AshTech Technologies offers one of the most comprehensive PPC services available in India. We are a leading pay per click management company and have created our unique method of managing campaigns for both small startups as well as global leaders.

We are experts in designing Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We create highly efficient and optimized campaigns that achieve the client’s goals (engagement, awareness, leads / conversion).

Our PPC services begin with keyword research. We then select keywords that best describe your business. Then, we strategize and manage the bids to maximize brand reach. To verify conversion rates and analyze PPC effectiveness, the campaign is tracked on a daily basis. Our clients have seen amazing results, and we are now the most paid marketing company in Chandigarh.

We Used Best Approach For Your Paid Marketing Services.


Google | YouTube Paid Ads (PPC)

Facebook | Instagram Ads

Amazon Paid Ads (Lead Genreation)

Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest Ads


How We Do It

We know the importance of paid advertising campaigns. That's why we thoroughly research your objectives and come up with the right solution. We can help you create a better strategy for your campaign by understanding the objectives. A paid campaign is only as successful as the platform it is hosted on. To choose the right platform for your business, Being, AshTech Technologies Paid Ads Marketing will analyze your competitors and target market.

Compelling Ad Copy & Setup Conversion

To get higher click-through rates (CTR) or return on ad-spends, we write high-converting ads that highlight pain points and desired solutions.

Keyword Research & Audience Targeting

Our experts will analyze and research the best target audience for you business. Our experts will help you cut down on clicks that are not relevant to your business from an unknown audience. We select the most relevant keywords to target the right audience via search engines and social media platforms.

Campaign Optimization, Landing pages Optimization, & Report

To maximize conversion, we create and optimize landing pages for ads. We ensure that the landing page is relevant to the ad and provides a user-friendly inquiry form. We analyze and optimize the campaign to achieve the best results and provide the client with the most transparent reporting.
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After setting up an advertising campaign, rank at the top of search engine results pages and you can start driving results immediately. Track results, analyse, and get insight into what ad is working best for your target audience.

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